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Among the many young girls who write to me, some are looking for a simple board. Other that maybe they are in a moment of loneliness and loss would like to and maybe feel comforted. In some rare cases when our expectations are very similar, and desires coincide, if we feel our way around..

A soul of a slave

        I want to repost a post some time ago that, despite the weather, it is still extremely current.Here is everything you need to know, do not need anything else.Read with attention.Men and women, we are profoundly different, we think differently and we have different needs, anyone who wants to tell me otherwise or is deluded..

A beautiful letter from Anna

Grateful to you, Roger. I have managed to give words and order to the sensations that I felt and that I never would think of this world. And above all gave clear words to the new way of live the love and dedication in its totality in a way that's so real and sincere. still..
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