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It may seem a strange title. But read on please.

And’ dedicated to all the girls unhappy that they will want to read. I'm not married, and then I am free from commitments.

But in real life I am a business man in the financial sector, adult, elegant, read.But, now that I've reached the peace I would like to keep near me a girl that perhaps was unhappy and unlucky in the past and today and in need of protection but most of all, safety and hope in the future. Some of which can take care in time.That is clean and fresh, clear, simple. The girl next door. There’is need you to be a model and don't look at the girls portrayed on this site, they represent the past.

Provided, of course, love his desire to tender submission as I love it, I.

So if you're young, and mind flexible and fresh. If you feel, scared of a future that becomes more and more insecure,

Well, this is an opportunity that you should seize.

I am seriously willing to give you a future, and if, maybe you are looking for a new home, and someone to take care of you and makes you feel serene.Especially if you are lacking in human warmth and the sense of the house that your family might not it has ever given.

All’you'll start off doing small simple jobs, but then you'll have your job as it should be. To continue on the path of hope of a better life.

I send you two beautiful letters received some time ago that describes well the state of mind that I would like to recreate.I hope you girls have the patience to read them:

1- Good day Master Roger

I am passionate about BDSM when I was thirteen years old. My name is Cristina, I come from a family with very little wealthy of the province of Milan, I will do 18 years in may, however, they are petite and lean, and I look like a girl, a teenager, even if they are of legal age. I'm unemployed, and always considered little and little desired by the parents, who perhaps were hoping for a pair of arms stronger to carry the bread on the table. I have a diploma for a professional seamstresses, single (obvious) and with some small experiences bsx with friends of the parish.

I need his help. By the time they are in search of a Master who knows how to make me feel like a true slave.

I am seeking a Master gives to his slave as the slave gives himself totally to the Master without there being other people in the middle.

Practically I wish to be always controlled.

Looking for an Owner that decides him when I have to sleep or stay wake up.

However, I am sure that I would give the whole of myself, because for me, being a slave really means everything.I am looking for a person who guide me, that makes me feel like a real slave trying to strong emotions. Be his little girl, the large woman, to make me feel tenderness and strong emotions for a long lasting relationship of course. I really like the mental domination.



2- Dear Lord, are Annina
And I tremble in your hands just in the act of writing them.
I have little over 18 years old and I was sent to college here in Switzerland, in Lausanne, switzerland, from when I was 12.
to my family in reality, it is separate from then, and while mantenendomi studies has never bothered me.
Of course I am still a virgin, and, of course, prone to being totally available to anyone me asking.
I have always dreamed of having a grand daddy to become the submissive daughter.
Unfortunately, my family does not want me and, soon I'll have to face the real life that terrify me.
I need a guide ,a Father, of a Master to protect me and teach me everything.
I never had real parents, much less a Father.

I do not know what is sex but I always thought that if I had a dad that wants me well I could do with him, without the need of in search of other men that I would have only made them suffer.
Excuse me if I am perhaps giving discomfort.
But I soon I'll be alone and I have no where to go.
I'd like it to be an important man like her to adottarmi. I am too scared of being alone.
I am cute, I believe even if a bit childish,(I think I still have the finger),are very similar to the girl of his article,49 kg to 176 in height blue eyes, and blond curls.
She would like to take with if? I, I swear, not, I would and no hassle.
I've read that now many of the girls are looking for a pair instead of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

He believes that it would be possible for me? He believes that his girlfriend or wife, I would accept in the house?

I am in need of true parents from which to feel loved.
I thank you deeply if perhaps I was a bit cheeky.
I ask you forgiveness.

  1. Ladyslave

    18 December

    Salve sono ladyslave.. Mi è sempre piaciuto accontentare il mio partner.. Sono curiosa di questo mondo un po parallelo.. Non sono una violenta voglio solo essere accudita e comandata

    • Roger

      19 December

      Cara Ladyslave,
      Nemmeno io amo la violenza o le cose forzate. Quello che desidero è proprio una ragazza che sia felice di accontentarmi e soddisfarmi,e che ami essere diretta e comandata.
      Che abbia voglia di obbedirmi e sia felice se io mi prendo cura di lei.
      Forse puoi essere t?
      Non so scrivimi in privato a questo indirizzo roger@rogermaster.com oppure a rogermaster@outlook.com sarò lieto di risponderti come posso. Roger

  2. Pan

    17 January

    Dear Master Roger, sono Pan e ho 25 anni.
    Questa sarebbe la mia prima esperienza da schiava, ma quello che ha scritto rispecchia tutto ciò che ho sempre voluto in un rapporto, ma che fino ad ora non ho mai avuto il coraggio di provare.
    Per una volta nella vita vorrei lasciarmi andare, obbedir. Vorrei essere dominata mentalmente, dimenticarmi di me stessa per donarmi a qualcuno senza avere paura di essere ferita o di non essere accettata per come sono. Sono sempre stata giudicata negativamente da mia madre e bullizzata per anni, per questo ho un’autostima inesistente. Contribuisce anche un senso di colpa che mi porto dietro da quando avevo 5 anni, che le racconterò se mi darà mai la possibilità di parlare in privato. Ogni giorno penso di meritare di rimanere sola, anche se allo stesso tempo ho troppa paura. Direi che sono terrorizzata all’idea di fallire, di non farcela a superare ciò che mi aspetta.
    Ho bisogno di qualcuno che mi guidi, che sia la mia luce nel buio e mi mostri la strada; qualcuno di cui fidarmi e a cui affidarmi completamente. Per ora mi è rimasta solo mia madre, perché ho perso mio padre l’anno scorso a causa di una malattia.
    Anche se poco dopo ho scoperto di essere stata adottata, lui è stato l’unica persona che mi abbia mai fatta sentire davvero preziosa. Ero la sua piccolina. Solo lui mi difendeva, mentre mia madre mi lanciava in un abisso di oscurità. Con mio padre mi sentivo al sicuro, come se niente potesse ferirmi.
    Vorrei trovare qualcuno che possa darmi questa stessa sensazione di sicurezza e amore incondizionato.
    Sono imbarazzata per aver scritto queste coseMi scuso nel caso qualcosa di me non vada bene.
    Le auguro una buona serata.

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