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Dear Readers

today I'm again a theme that has attracted much interest not only from the female part, but also, in the male. And this is a new, a trend that is growing very quickly.

A few days ago I received this letter, I can define very explicitly:



Hi Roger,

  • sono Chiara 19 anni. Avevo scritto un commento tempo fa sulla Semeterapia. Unfortunately I have not had a response series and therefore I ask you, as the Master recognized, you can surely help me. I am looking for a man who is willing to feed me on a regular and constant with his seed (so not one that wants to make a splash in my mouth, and via) if you know someone reliable x to practise this type of nutrition on me for periods very long, I would like to have information. Thanks.


  • Good day Roger,

My name is Jenny, and lately together with my husband I have a big problem. He has lost interest in me and has a big erection difficulties. Yet I am young and cute but I can't cause no ejaculation, not even a small. The problem is that I have always felt a strong desire for male sperm, not only it excites me to madness, but they are totally dependent. Also, the idea of being changeable makes me go crazy.Together we would agree to find another man that can make myself to feed in a regular and constant. He stated. Only I am afraid of meeting a total stranger, and I continue to postpone the decision. Also I don't know where to start, I would like to have your advice, which I cannot expose to hazard.

  • Hi Roger, siamo una coppia di 26 e 23 anni, we got married young and we did not know much about one another. After a few months of living together, we realized that we were missing something. He was distracted and I rimpiangevo a freer life, as I had before. So I one day I confided that I wanted to review one of my ex that I liked a lot. He has not said no but he asked, as a condition of being able to be present, and then we invited him to our house for dinner.

Of course we made love in front of him that showed a lot of interest, especially when I soddisfacevo with the mouth, what I love to do.Then later in the’intimacy, she confessed to me that he was very envious of me, and that he would like to share the feelings that I felt in that moment.Needless to say that the next time when my ex came to us and, at the end I was filled completely the mouth, my husband immediately came close to me and wanted me to kiss it for to share with me the seed of my ex-boyfriend. And this has caused great happiness and sexual excitement, that for months had never had.I was confused even if I don't feel sorry at all, that kiss, but I ask You, how do you explain that? E faccio bene a lasciarlo fare? Because he always asks me more.


Are letters unusual but frequent, because they follow a trend that some time is becoming very strong.

Now both girls, in part, males, they feel an irresistible attraction, at times almost manic, to the sperm of another male, especially if the dominant.

For teenage girls it is often the first approach to sex with a peer.

Semen is a natural antidepressant for women. Una ricerca della State University di New York ha studiato il fenomeno. The result showed that the oral sex is the best remedy for depression female, because semen contains substances that can raise the mood and enhance sleep.. The sperm is rich in serotonin, the neurotransmitter most well-known antidepressants.

Even if the internal recruitment or in the mouth or vaginal is the main street, in reality, it is not the only, sometimes you just need to a frequent contact of the skin to get the great effects almost immediate.

The study, explain that women have a physiological mechanism that allows it unconsciously to know if the partner knows or not provide to their own offspring. The relationships are not protected, therefore, are a “glue” for the couple, that would be the way to understand right from the start if the relationship is doomed, at least from the biological point of view, last.

You can't really call the “seed of Joy”

Sperm itself we have already spoken in a previous post here: https://www.lacasadelleschiave.com/meraviglioso-seme-delluomo/#container

Unfortunately, the semen, especially that of good quality is scarce and is not enough for all.

I realize, however, that this is not enough, Many girls or couples want more.

Power to have good sperm available also allows a’infinity of erotic games that become possible in the first Kiss of sperm not only between women but also between male and female, something that once seemed impossible.

Today, even the guys, especially the young people have learned from their companions “take it in the mouth” and to excited.


A lot of people ask me what is the Semen Theraphy and where it is possible to practice it in Italy.

Want to get seed of the male irrespective of the companion therapeutic use, why feel the need to nutrition, a typical case is in the vegan diet, or for the simple pleasure of feeling the flavor and the heat. C’is a clear perception that l’regular intake of sperm outside of marriage or a relationship does not represent a betrayal because it is equivalent to’taking a medication.

Don't want to, however, destroy a marriage or a relationship, and, so, for them, are born in clinics where you practice Semeterapia. I say, however, that at least at the official level, una struttura del genere non esiste in Italia a parte alcuni siti che alla fine ripetono tutti le stesse cose.

There are, however, some small groups of Semeterapisti who practice among their donor individual well-known, totally healthy and with a semen of great quality. Dense, white and abundant, fragrant and full of testosterone. These donors may have a limited number of women, and this are very much in demand.


I have contacted a few and today we can take advantage of their services even if sparingly.


The problem of fertilization. How to get pregnant even if he is helpless.

These men, whose seed is particularly fine and with a genetic heritage which is enviable have all the certificates in the order and usually also engage in the activities of insemination a natural for the couples that can't have children and don't want to make public what.

This is also a serious problem because the number of couples unable to generate, or in which he does not produce sperm in sufficient quantity or the manufactures but of poor quality, constantly grows.

Today it is possible to get pregnant thanks to donors selected that make it only natural . In questo modo solo gli spermatozoi più forti riescono a fecondare la femmina e non come nella fecondazione artificiale che opera senza alcuna selezione.

Here are born of small seed banks, private as well as there are milk banks, or of the eggs.

Soon we will put this initiative which is delicate and very precious, in the framework of the Program “the Slave” that will offer this type of service.

However, anyone who is interested you now can freely get in touch at the email published on the site, with the guarantee that the problem will be treated with the utmost discretion due to the sensitivity of the topic.

I hope I have been useful.


  1. giacomo

    16 January

    caro roger,
    sono un m di anni 65 e anche io vorrei approffitare dela banca del seme ne sento il bisogno di ongoiare sempre di piu non so come fare per trovare il seme buono da ingoiare e bere

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