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Among the many girls, even very young, who write to me, some are looking for a simple board. Others that maybe are in a time of loneliness and bewilderment would perhaps feel comforted.
In some rare cases when our expectations are very similar, and desires coincide, if we are comfortable with, soon the bravest pronounce the sentence on which they were meditating maybe for months or years: “I am very lonely and sad, want to be my Master?”

I rarely say yes, but at times it can happen .

It happened about a month ago, he wrote me a girl telling me: “I'm 19 years old and have never been happy with my parents. And yet, I need a help, and I am afraid of what the future could bring me, they are totally defenseless, I understand that I need a Master to get in the way.” We talk on the phone every day and was born a beautiful story, even though we have never met really. She is in love only the sound of my voice, and slowly it's become an obsession. We decided to see each other for the first time after his exams at the completion of the age. And that is, in a few months.

One day I receive from you these words:

“Beloved Master

after more than 10 days now I had the time to stop by, re-read and reflect. He's changed a lot in my life from when I wrote that email… Apparently they are the same, but on the inside I have a storm of emotions very strong. She made me see things in a different light and suddenly everything seemed to be in the right place. I understand that I must simply keep his eyes low and his head bowed, kneeling before my Master and ask him to sculacciarmi to feel better, because he will keep me in my place. And nothing has more sense if it was a function of her, of its approval or punishment… It does not matter… Indeed, as he said yesterday, Pain and Love not the case rhyme, I feel so pervaded’love to feel l’urgent need to experience pain to show her how much I love her and how good I am. I know I have lost control in most of the a’occasion,and a lack of respect, but I am still young, I'm learning and every day I feel mature slave in me.

Every time I hear his voice my heart bouncing in my chest and I am so happy that I feel like crying and I don't know what will be my reaction when I will be able to stay at his feet. It could be a need of a purely physical, but my need to be controlled and guided by you and no one else. And if you ask me what I want most of all the rest, I would have slaps strong on my pussy virgin and cry for her, can make myself small, hugging her legs to thank her and to feel her hand which she caresses the hair. This is the scene that I see every night, and it is his warm voice, penetrating me to the cradle. I hope I can be enough for her, really I hope so.

I have never met a person who could read me in this way, a person who is able to create a sexual tension tangible only through a’ idea, that of master and slave. And now I find myself thinking that everything is in my hands I could destroy the l’opportunity that is giving me life, I would just Worship her as a God, licking every inch of his skin with devotion and above all, to be punished and feel the full force of my Master. The movie yesterday was only the tip of the’the iceberg that has made me burst into tears without control, for me, it was a revelation to discover to be a slave, but it was an even greater surprise to see how my heart became day by day more and more of His.

Thanks Master, love his little girl.”

These words are very beautiful and the history was beginning to be seduced a little bit of me. It was cool, dear, he was a passionate of punishments and proud to still be a maiden.But something was wrong, then I understood and I asked her how old he really, and she, weeping, he confessed that he had lied for fear of being rejected, and in fact he was 17 and a half. And then again : I lied, I was wrong but I did it in bad faith… I didn't know how could a seventeen year old concern to a Master of his level to a man, a strong and structured. I would love to be that white canvas on which to paint, I would simply like to annullarmi in his arms and feeling like an object, humiliated and used, but still His and this would be enough to fill my heart d’love. Are in love and are sincere, I was wrong to not tell the truth from the beginning.

This whole story is born from the pure and simple curiosity of a young girl that lives in the void and this however, doesn't take away the right to have a master to keep his place and punishing her properly. I know that you can't do anything about it that should still see me and test me to see if I can go well, I know that there are thousands of girls more beautiful, more devout, more sweet, but no more love. I'm getting better,when I speak I keep my gaze low and in the knee without panties I feel small and vulnerable. I find it a beautiful word in front of her I want to be Vulnerable. I hope to regain in some way his confidence, I hope I can still be his little girl to be molded as clay to the white page…I still love you as a father because he gave me life with his words, his stories are forming a new person, a new creature that worships as a God. I love it, totally and completely more and more every day.

I am naturally a bit angry but, I never liked it anyway, not for the inability to meet, which would have been possible under certain conditions, but for his lies.

It was enough to say it clearly and maybe a solution could be found, but the lies are the absolute evil because they undermine the mutual trust and destroy a relationship that could arise in a clear and clean way. The end result is that a story that could work is lost, and nothing can be born, why the lie, even if good faith is sterile.

Then, girls don't do it, don't lie because it’man who do you want to win for you or lose it for ever.


  1. Ramedifuoco

    2 September

    The do not lie, the correctness, the trust etc etc etc., apply to anyone, both dominant and submissive. Relationships are not based on lies.

    • Roger

      24 September

      I answer with some small considerations,saw that maybe the main point has not been grasped.
      I agree that a minor child of today often has several sexual experiences on the shoulders, and sometimes seeks, perhaps also for this,a niche represented by a Daddy with whom you can stay quiet. On the appearance of the reports inside of reports of a relationship so nothing to say.
      Myself I've had some that have turned into stories very strong.
      the problem is the relationships with others, parents in the first place, but also The companions of the school's famous “the best friend” who swears to keep the secret but can't wait to tell it to all those that knows.
      the girl is often immature and does not know that can, perhaps without intending to, unleash a disaster, just a mobile phone forgotten at home, that the mother always checks,that the man with whom you can imagine to live at least a good story, ends up in a tragedy of existential civil, criminal, and exceeds largely any conviction by a court. This means that, even if there are no offences (the case of the 17-year-old) the revealing is the total, conflict hard with her family, destruction of the family of him, a career and a ruined life, journalists that we soak the bread, loss of friends and reputation,departure instances, compensation etc.. etc.
      Probably the law is wrong and many foreign states have lowered the limit to 16 years, knowing that that is the most critical period.
      Then do not argue on the change of the costumes in comparison to the beginning of the 900 (but before the girls fidanzavano or even married 15 years) but the fact that such a relationship requires a lot of responsibility that often adolescents do not possess. All here

  2. Robertfox

    6 September

    In principle, it is obvious that the fairness must be respected… but it is still a minor and as we know the minors are still convinced that breaking is not a big problem, except then peck a slap in the face.
    Argues for the fact that the child has later admitted his guilt. Then a cancellation of the whole is a measure a little drastic (but you can of course also be severe). I have personally had in the past, I also a “catholic heathen” with the aggravating circumstance that it was at least 20 years. In short, lie has fired several (by the special) but at least I will: the one who has told me that she was pregnant only after some fucking (a little risk…reverse). At that point I told him that if it was true I would have recognized the children, but she “Out from the balls”. After a day of miracle was no longer pregnant. In short, I gave him some chances to see if he understood… Understood nothing! Patience, then I sent it to stretch out.
    But the case on the written is not presented as a fact which is not curable. Maybe another possibility would be appropriate… As long as you do not repeat. Obviously will have to wait until the age of 18 and present the identity card, what now is to continue the relationship, and of course will follow some of the punishments or penances appropriate.
    Then it is obvious that the relationship has to work on trust and not on the betrayal more or less childish. If you are do not wait that to send her to her mom… or out from the boxes.

  3. Ramedifuoco

    21 September

    In part you are right, but, if we are honest there are many adults who behave as children and then as for me, I confirm what I wrote. Exaggerated? Perhaps, but the immaturity has no age. And then the children of today are not those of yesterday, indeed, are more alarms than you may believe.

    • Robertfox

      21 September

      Of course I do not dispute your choice if you have deemed right and proper… It depends on the person to whom you have had contact and interaction to mental and emotional. There are many variants in the game, even non-explicit. As I said then, I had a brief relationship with an adult (minor)… but I don't really believe that the girls of today differ from those of yesterday… certainly not those of the middle ages or those of the 1800's folk. Certainly today, the information is easier and the taboo sex drops as soon as you browse a bit in the web, but the fundamental things haven't changed much or maybe not have changed in terms of mental maturity. Have changed approaches between a man and a woman, and a woman who comes forward is no longer a taboo… This is a positive side, the rest depends on the individual: the maturity that has, the choices she makes, his vision of the world, the ethics, etc… Things that are not learned in the chat or on FB, or other social.

  4. Ramedifuoco

    22 September

    My more than a choice, a consideration that has matured with the years. When I started it was hard enough and the thing I learned immediately is that many, both dom that sub, they forgot accidentally, which were first of all men and women with heads, experiences, lived etc..
    I thought, incorrectly, that have a Master with an age superior to mine, I would guarantee safety, growth, besides giving me what I was looking for. How wrong I was. It was not so. It was not absolutely so. L age was irrelevant.
    What you have in your head don't you l age, there is a proportion that says that the higher is the age higher is the maturity. There are many other factors involved.
    Sure what has changed, is the approach between men and women, and as you say it is positive, very, but, sta anche ad indicare che la maturità di una minorenne di oggi non è come quella di ieri.
    Una minorenne di 20 anni fa non ha il comportamento, il modo di pensare, di porsi ecc ecc da una minorenne di oggi.
    Di sicuro sono piu vulnerabili perché non hanno il nostro vissuto, but, mi ripeto, l immaturità non ha età.

  5. Robertfox

    22 September

    In effetti quello che dici è vero. Quando avevo 20 ani non ero ancora maggiorenne (si diventava maggiorenni a 21 anni), ma in quegli anni (poco dopo) l’età maggiorenne fu fissata a 18 anni. Con una mia amica avevo accennato a questa cosa e lei mi disse che se la maturità a 18 anni non c’è ancora, magari non c’è neanche a 21 anni. Se guardiano al modo di pensare dei popoli antichi e ancora oggi vi sono popoli che accettano la teoria della reincarnazione, questa spiegherebbe questo divario di maturità differente degli individui. Non so se la reincarnazione sia la teoria giusta, ad ogni modoci azzecca”.
    Ovviamente i modi di comportamento cambiano come cambiano certi valori virtuali. Quando ero giovane se si aveva un contatto con una persona distante, lo si aveva rispondendo ad un annuncio su di una rivista o tramite una agenzia di incontri e il contatto era per lettera, con i dovuti tempi di spedizione e ricezione a volte incerti. Oggi il messaggio arriva in pochi secondi anche tra Italia e Australia. Rimane però poco tempo per la riflessione, per le emozioni che a volte sono meno rapide della comunicazione in corso. Si rischia la superficialità. Quindi i “masters” che immaginano anche cose che in un rapporto interattivo non possono avvenire, poi alla possibilità pratica ecco che arriva l’incertezza, una forma di paura per non essere all’altezza di quello che si è detto o pensato. Idem per schiavi o schiave ovviamente. Tanto fumo e poco arrosto, spesso perchè per unarrostonon c’è il tempo dicottura”.

  6. Ramedifuoco

    22 September

    Ahahahahahaha vero, c è poca cottura oppure l arrosto lo si brucia direttamente.
    In realtà penso che se succede una cosa del genere è perché non ci siascoltacome si dovrebbe e da li poi errori su errori. Certo la fretta ha i suoi lati negativi e come osservavi giustamente porta a poca riflessione, incertezza, fear, but, penso che siano tutte conseguenze come un domino, del non sapersi ascoltare, leggersi, scoprirsi e cosi via.
    Io ho impiegato anni a fare tutto questo ed onestamente non me ne vergogno affatto perché anche se ho iniziato da sola, senza alcuna indicazione, senza aiuti e consigli e quando li ho chiesti mi sono stati negati, mi sono resa conto di essermicottalentamente. Una volta ho rischiato di bruciarmi. Per fortuna sono riuscita a spegnere il forno in tempo.
    Ascoltarsi: questo è importante. Capire che la strada che si vuole intraprendere non è frutto della moda del momento, della insoddisfazione personale o altro, but, rappresenta la vera essenza della propria natura, essere consapevoli di essa. You know, sarebbe interessante chiedere a chi inizia o a chi dice di essere chi, cosa prova.
    Leggo tante sciocchezze da parte di padroni e schiave e mi astengo dal commentare i comportamenti.
    Io mi sento viva. Loro chissà che provano.

    • Robertfox

      27 September

      non ci si ascoltahai toccato un punto molto importante. Per un successo in un rapporto serve sensibilità e complicità, ma per questo è necessario sapersi ascoltare ed ascoltare il partner. Sapersi ascoltare le pulsioni che arrivano dal profondo di noi stessi, sia le pulsioni istintive che quelle del cuore. Questo ci permette anche di “feel” l’altra persona poichè tra persone nell’intimo si crea una sorta di telepatia, o semplicemente si segue il linguaggio del corpo. Ma serve una apertura della mente che vada un pò nel profondo lasciando in secondo piano il linguaggio razionale. Ciò non vuol dire spegnere la consapevolezza, anzi si avvia una consapevolezza più completa.
      L’obiettivoè la felicità nel rapporto. I cinesi usano un termine che tradotto significa anche felicità, e non considerano questa un obiettivo ma un dato di fatto. In effetti quando due si incontrano e sitrovanoquesto è il sentire che si percepisce e ha come conseguenza la gratitudine e da questa l’amore.

  7. Ramedifuoco

    24 September

    Thanks Roger.
    Hai perfettamente ragione ma questo vale non solo le minorenni ed alcuni fatti di cronaca ne sono la dimostrazione, anche se fanno riferimento alla sola diffusione di immagini sul web.
    Il problema è il saper gestire la situazione, il segreto, il rapporto, ma sei proprio sicuro che questo coinvolga solo le minorenni?
    Il mio è solo un punto di vista maturato con le mie piccole esperienze e sia chiaro che non ho intenzione di convincere nessuno, but, come cerco di guardare il tutto dal punto di vista altrui mi piacerebbe che lo stesso si facesse con il mio.
    La responsabilità: esistono adolescenti che malgrado la loro età presentano maturità che alcuni adulti, se non molti, se la sognano e questo non lo dico io ma è un dato di fatto. Lo si vede nella vita di tutti i gg e diventa un problema quando questi si improvvisano dom o slave e ti assicuro che sono in grado di fare molto male a chiunque indipendentemente dalla età.
    Diciamo che hai scelto di abbracciare una fascia d età ed è giusto così, but, tutti avrebbero bisogno di un consiglio, insegnamento, cura e così via.

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