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My young couple was married. Good news finally.


Good day to all, are Maximilian, and this is my email: devin.maximilian21@gmail.com

for those who want to express their opinion.

Those who do not know me might call me a Bull but that would be reductive: have a pair, educate and subjugate especially if young and with so many things to learn for me that I've done all this, it is something more, I feel satisfaction in the’to help them and protect them if they need it, both morally and materially when it is necessary.

Are difficult times, and who has more, it should help those who have less, or at least I think so.

In a time of crisis, of uncertainty, fear, is coming to miss the figure of the Father that gives stability and security.

Somehow I perform this role.

For this I like to think of them as “my guys” that I have crowned a dream that seemed impossible: you are finally married.

Today I want to post a beautiful letter that these guys, they sent me, Her Jade 20 years, he Paul 23 together for years, friends’childhood.

Since it is a long letter, and passionate, I asked for all’friend Roger that I was kindly granted space on the site.

Here she is: it is all the more authentic, Jade is willing to offer his email if your are interested. (humility.1996@gmail.com)

“Dear sir, our, I am writing to you moved because thanks to you, the biggest dream of our life is made of.

Thanks to your help, we could finally get married, but without you it would have been impossible. I and Paul we know from adolescence. Perhaps too much time? I don't know. Already from the time when we were sweethearts, you know it started the problems. I was only with him, and I was happy I did not imagine even that there were other men.

Then one day, Paul felt a little guilty for not being able to give me pleasure because his member was small, like that of a child, I wanted to show on the internet the sexual organ of a Master and Bull top while is kissed and worshipped by her submissive..

I was fascinated: it was great hard, thick, throbbing veins: she exuded strength and virility: beautiful.
I was as if hypnotized, and when with difficulty I and my boyfriend tried to make love there, we said it would have been nice to have a virile male that can make me feel pleasure penetrandomi with force and that, even welcome it all, I heard you the little bit of pain. He was excited more and more. He wanted to see me in the arms of another, of an adult man, powerful that would make me feel more energized and female.

Our imagination ran. We realized suddenly always been a couple cuckold without even realizing it. But now it was clear: this was the life that we wanted. Too weak and spauriti to make important decisions, we had an absolute need of a Teacher Of Life.

Then he lost the job and living it has become difficult to.

I had to go back to my even if we have always been poor, we live on the outskirts of Milan, in a popular house.

We were left without money and without aid. My father, however, there has never been in my life and I have suffered very.

He returned to his but the depression and anguish of not being able to maintain his girl at the end made it completely powerless.

Now for us it was the end of our story, and talking with the few friends left I heard that they also found themselves in the same situation.

But for us nothing, no one helped us. I am cute and petite and I was of the proposals in the money, but I refused to take that route. I destroyed our love.

Then my guy no tell me nothing has posted to a hidden ad on the Cage to find a man that could at least satisfy me physically.

I all’in the beginning I didn't want to know, then he showed me a test of the fertility that had been weeks in secret, where it was totally sterile, and he started crying like a baby.

At this point, I did not have the heart to tell him no, and I have agreed to let me take it from a stranger in front of him. I imagined that would have been an unpleasant experience, and sad, I was hoping only that it ended quickly.

And instead, incredibly, luck has started smiling brightly before us

Our luck was to find a man well-educated, elegant, a true gentleman. A true Educator of the young and the therapist that we knew to do in an extraordinary way, both with males and with females.

He offered us to take us out to dinner.

We agreed and Paul told me that I would have prepared him, shaved, washed and dressed to be attractive, I had no clothes stylish, but I counted on my 19 years that I made is still fresh and attractive to this mysterious stranger.

I was quite excited, but also a bit excited. But I never would have dreamed of dining in a luxury restaurant where otherwise I would have never entered. It was the wine or my excitement to perceive a Dominant Male the fact is that my head was spinning.

We went to his house and after talking with Paul, who asked us if we wanted to become his own pair, They replied that they'd be happy and honored if we would have finally had a Master because our life was in crisis and no one helped us nor lead us without a Guide we would have been lost.

But you know Master why the man who has taken the soul and the body were YOU

You have talked about it with my boy whose legs were shaking for the excitement and put you quiet, commanding him to take off his trousers and briefs.

Then you have visited, and, that fear when you told us that we had arrived just in time!

Still a month and would remain powerless forever, the said that the would have sent you to a specialist immediately, the day after.

He remained on his knees all the time.

Then you made me undress and told me to get close to you.

We kissed, I've toyed with the body and face and I kept bagnarmi as a lake, but also because they were 6 months that I did not love.

Do you remember Lord how I have taken? I said that was my “baptism”.

I felt an orgasm devastating for three times, but with the tail of the eye, I realized that Paul, too, for the miracle was excited and had a small shy erection.

I was full of joy and do you remember when I asked if we could be your boyfriends?

You told us YOU and you made us bring it home with your car.

That night we did not sleep: in the future, we had come back to smile!


The day after that we have called home and you said to me: today I fired the maid and I want you to come to me every day to do all the jobs household, you will be paid and we begin to know each other.

Paul was proud of me because he says I saved both.

But that is not true, YOU our Master, you have saved us, you have given us of the work honest that we might gain life and, above all, you taught us many things, especially to love one another always. Today, we have again a small house for rent, small but clean, where we'll host you with joy when you want, and on the other hand, you have the keys and can make of us what you want. I like to prepare the dinner for you, Paul has learned to clean the floors and the kitchen and when you come we like to welcome you as our KING.
But we never imagined that you do the greatest gift of all: allow us to unite in marriage, with your blessing of course. And, of course,, I want everyone to know, the first night of the wedding, I wanted to pass it with You.

It was right and natural.

Thanks to the economic aid and moral, you have made our happiness.

With love and devotion to your

Paul and Jade.

  1. Maximilian

    25 December

    Dear guys thank you for the beautiful gift of Christmas.
    I'm glad that you are glad to finally be a real couple Cuckold.
    Probably this was your fate from the beginning.
    I'm glad that the education that I have given to have had such a great success.
    Now you are independent and you can start your future life with security and peace of mind.
    Your Master Maximilian.

  2. Luke

    11 January

    It is beautiful what you have done for them.
    They were lucky to find a Master like you and you them.
    Now they are a couple cuckold to all the effects? Jade also sees other bull or continue to be only you with their bull?

    And Paul can make love with Jade now? Is dedicated to her pleasure in other ways I guess…
    Paul has been subdued over that made happily cuckold?


  3. Devin Maximilian

    11 January

    Dear Luke
    Thanks for the kind words. Paul and Jade now live together happily.
    She has not seen in any other Bull
    And now they can foreclose a lot better than before. I regard them as my boys and every so often I go to visit them, and when they invite me to dinner.
    Are very clever and fill me with attention.
    Paul of the reality that in the meantime has become a good cuckold he was already obedient when he wanted to share the sensations that he felt from Jade.
    Of course I taught him to be more bravo, more gentle and more humble.
    However, the important thing is that everything went in the right direction.

  4. Kenlee

    20 October

    You have been really a very good Master for them, them have helped to better understand their nature and to live a happy life.

    Now, at a distance of time, that is the kind of relationship between them? In the sense, when you are not with them as they live their relationship?

  5. Roger

    October 22,

    In normal mode, do not forget that they are married!
    Now they would like a son, and they asked me if I can be me to get her pregnant.

    • Kenlee

      24 October

      My question is about how to live now their relationship was in reference to the sexual level.
      It is a great honor if they asked you to be the biological father of the child, you've decided to accept?

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